Frequently Asked Questions

Usage Direction

Does HealthySole HOME work with regular electricity?

HealthySole HOME operates on regular electricity (120V) and has a battery backup. We recommend using it plugged in when possible. Be sure that the electrical charging cord is out of the way and does not present a trip hazard.

How long can it operate on a battery?

The battery operating life is approximately 100 activations without re-charge. When the battery reaches 25% of charge capacity, a red LED indicator will light up on the top of the unit.

How long does it take the battery to re-charge?

The battery reaches 80% of charge capacity after 5 hours continuous charging.

Does HealthySole HOME work with all shoes?

HealthySole HOME’s ultraviolet light works with most shoe types, but it works best with flat-soled shoes that touch the HealthySole grating and maximize exposure to the ultraviolet light. HealthySole HOME should not be used with high heeled shoes.

Can I use HealthySole HOME with wet shoes?

HealthySole HOME should not be used with wet or damp footwear. Please allow footwear to dry before disinfecting them with HealthySole HOME device.

Can I use the HealthySole HOME unit with socks?

No. Do NOT activate the HealthySole HOME when wearing only socks. The HealthySole HOME should NOT be used without shoes. The unit is designed to be used with solid-soled footwear ONLY.

Can I use the HealthySole HOME unit in bare feet?

No. The HealthySole HOME should not be used with bare feet. The HealthySole HOME should NOT be used without shoes. The unit is designed to be used with solid-soled footwear ONLY. Exposing bare skin to ultraviolet light can result in harm over time.

Can I use the HealthySole HOME unit with slippers?

The HealthySole HOME unit is approved and designed for use with solid-soled footwear. If the slippers have a solid surface (and not a knit or cloth sole), you may safely disinfect the footwear with the HealthySole HOME.

Is it safe to look at the HealthySole HOME lights when standing on it?

You will normally be able to see small amounts of light around your shoes when you use HealthySole HOME. While the distance from the lamps is too far away for your eyes to be harmed by this light, we recommend looking straight ahead and listening for the tone that signals your HealthySole session has ended.

How does the HealthySole HOME work?

The HealthySole HOME uses ultraviolet light–C wavelength (UVC)—to kill pathogens on the soles of footwear in under 10 seconds. UVC is a naturally disinfecting light that disrupts the DNA of pathogens and kills them. UVC light is present in natural sunlight, but the sun’s UVC light is filtered by Earth’s atmosphere so we are not normally exposed to it. Only ultraviolet A and B light penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere and can cause sunburn and skin irritation with prolonged exposure.

When should I use the foot template provided with my HealthySole HOME device?

The foot template can be placed over the shoe grating on the HealthySole device to help children or individuals with smaller feet (smaller than woman’s size 6) optimize foot placement and ensure maximum coverage of light onto the sole of footwear. Be sure to properly align the slots in the template with the fins at the top of the footplate.

Is there a weight or size requirement for the HealthySole HOME?

HealthySole HOME requires at least 55 pounds of body weight to engage the electronics and initiate a disinfection session, making it difficult for a pet, young child or baby to activate. The HealthySole HOME device is not designed to support individuals weighing more than 300 pounds. Shoe sizes up to a men’s size 13 can be properly sanitized with HealthySole HOME as long as they are placed over the grating in alignment with the shoe outlines, heel first, and the lights are triggered with appropriate body weight. The HealthySole HOME can sanitize nearly any shoe size but the grating supports up to a men's size 13 shoe for maximum coverage.

Can I use the HealthySole HOME outside of the home, like at my office?

The HealthySole HOME is designed for residential and small business usage with light foot traffic. The HealthySole Plus–our commercial-grade device designed for use in higher-traffic, higher activity environments–is a better choice for high-traffic commercial usage, and especially areas needing “clean” environments.

Where should I place the HealthySole HOME for best results?

Every home is different, but we recommend that you consider the following factors when you choose where to place a HealthySole HOME unit so that it will be safe and effective:

  • Which door do you most often use to enter your home?
  • Do you have a natural gathering place where family members and guests remove and store their shoes?
  • Do you have an entrance to your home directly from the garage?
  • Where is there a natural place to start storing “home” footwear (like slippers) versus ”outside” footwear?
Make sure that the place you choose for your HealthySole HOME is on a flat, non-slip floor. Do NOT place the unit on a step or platform since it could present a trip or fall hazard. We do NOT recommend placing the HealthySole HOME on carpet. If you are using the unit with it plugged directly into an electrical outlet, take care to keep the cord tucked away so that it does not present a hazard.

How do I know the HealthySole HOME battery is functioning?

Before use, always charge the HealthySole HOME with the charge cable for at least 24 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the light adjacent to the left instep/large toe will light up BLUE. When the battery reaches approximately 25% of capacity, the same light will illuminate as RED, indicating that you should charge the unit soon.


How do I clean my HealthySole HOME?

There are a few steps to take for keeping your HealthySole HOME unit looking clean and operating at peak efficiency:

  • Always use a door mat or towel to remove mud, water or debris from your shoes before you use the HealthySole HOME.
  • If there is visible dust, mud, or other particles on the unit, we recommend vacuuming over the foot outline grates to remove any dust or debris that may have fallen on the clear shield just under the grates. This will help maximize light exposure to the soles of footwear. Do not use a wet cloth to attempt to remove solid particles or dust as seepage into the unit may result in damage to the electronic components.
  • For scuffs or dirt on the surface of the HealthySole HOME, we recommend wiping down with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.
  • WARNING: Do not spray any cleaner, chemical or alcohol directly on the surface of the HealthySole HOME unit as liquid seepage may damage electronic components and present a hazard.
  • WARNING: Do not submerge the HealthySole HOME device in water as it will destroy the electronic components of the device and could present a hazard.

Do the bulbs ever need to be replaced?

Yes, we recommend replacing the bulbs once every 12 months to ensure that the device operates at peak efficiency. New bulbs may be ordered on the HealthySole website. Installation directions are also available on the website.

Do the dust shields need to be replaced?

Yes. We recommend replacing the dust shields once every 12 months to ensure that the device operates at peak efficiency. New dust shields may be ordered on the HealthySole website. Installation directions are also available on the website.

What is the warranty?

The HealthySole HOME is guaranteed to be free of defects in craftmanship and mechanical function for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Please see the warranty information included in the instruction manual.

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