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Precautions Pay Off at Hospital with Most Coronavirus Patients in Louisiana

As the nation continues to combat human coronavirus, it’s critical that healthcare facilities take the right precautions to protect their staff and patients.


Intensive Specialty Hospital (ISH)—a long-term acute care hospital in northwest Louisiana—has an excellent record fighting the virus, despite having treated the highest number of COVID-positive patients in the state. These results reflect their rigorous infection prevention plan, of which HealthySole UVC shoe sole sanitizers played a big role.

Shawn Reed,
Director of Business Development at Intensive Specialty Hospital

At Intensive Specialty Hospital, we strive to provide the highest level of care for our patients and a safe environment for our staff. Infection control is, and has always been, a vital part of that process.


As in most places, COVID-19 hit our community very hard.

In the early phases of the pandemic, as we were going through our preparations, we started identifying all of the things that we could do to keep our staff safe. HealthySole was a big part of that infection control plan.


Due to the number of safety measures that we put in place, including our HealthySole units, we have had a very positive success rate in treating COVID-19 patients here within our facilities.


HealthySole units would be a great benefit to really any healthcare facility that is wanting to increase their infection control needs. The units are extremely easy to use, completely hands-free, and they use no chemicals, like other alternatives.

Dillon Hart,
Dual-licensed nurse practitioner for Intensive Specialty Hospital

Before we ever treated our first patient with COVID-19, the ongoing discussion was, “How are we going to localize this virus to one certain area of the hospital?”

We were looking for novel ways to make our staff, patients, providers and referring hospitals feel comfortable. We wanted things that nobody else had, and we wanted things that we knew would work. HealthySole offered a perfect solution for us, as a hospital that was going to have multiple units and treat multiple patients.


Now, I think HealthySole units are the number one thing that you can provide for your staff to limit exposure. It offers such immense peace of mind.


I have a small child and a wife who works in healthcare. Knowing when you leave the hospital, that you are able to use the HealthySole unit one more time as part of your defense to get home healthy, has meant a lot.

Regina Lowry
Director of Nursing at Intensive Specialty Hospital

We started preparing for the pandemic in January. We got all the supplies that we could possibly get, because at that time, no one knew what it was going to take, or how long this was going to last.

Getting HealthySole units was one of those steps, and it turned out to be very good for us. Our staff loved it. At the end of every day, it became the cherry on the ice cream. They could get on the HealthySole, use it, and go home, knowing they had decreased the risk to their family and loved ones.


Personally, I use it several times a day, and it really gives me that peace of mind of knowing that I'm not tracking organisms throughout the hospital, in the nurse's station, in my patient rooms.

Dr. Raghu Nathan,
Pulmonary critical care physician and Chief of Staff at Intensive Specialty Hospital

We were one of the first hospitals to start taking COVID patients, and we were very proactive. We made a strong commitment early on to isolate the units where we had our COVID-19 patients, and we did an extraordinary job in preparing.

We took tremendous steps to prevent our healthcare workers from getting infected, such as providing them with Stryker bodysuits and the HealthySole ultraviolet shoe cleaners.


Now, we’re proud that despite having the highest number of patients in the state, we've had an excellent record—both in terms of outcomes and staff not getting infected.


Using the HealthySole units makes a tremendous difference in our patient care.

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