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What have you stepped in?

Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer


HealthySole® PLUS​

Intended for high traffic commercial or medical environments.

Long-term Living Facilities

Long-term living facilities can use the UVC light in HealthySole® PLUS to eliminate shoe-borne pathogens that enter long-term living facilities. Many long-term living care residents can fall victim to harmful pathogens that either move from patient to patient or enter facilities from nurses and family members that live outside the living community. Outside visitors can use the HealthySole® PLUS shoe sanitizer before entering separate living-wings or individual rooms to eliminate pathogens and prevent bacteria spread to promote healthy living environments. 

First Responders and Municipalities

Fire stations and Police Departments always scrub down their gear after an important call. Firefighters in a single fire department often share their living space for days at a time, while police officers will respond to calls with every type of member of society. They need to frequently disinfect their shoes to maintain sterile floor quality inside their facilities. 

If someone were to drop something on the floor, need to get on their hands and knees or wipe something, they would feel compelled to wash their hands. Why then, do our shoes escape that same level of scrutiny?  However, we wear our shoes every single day without cleaning them. Even if you don’t wear your shoes day after day, pathogens remain present for months. These pathogens on shoe soles feed off of other organisms introduced to your shoe sole with every step, and spread, through the air,  throughout a sterile work environment. Fortunately, the spread of pathogens can be eliminated by the HealthySole® PLUS shoe sanitizer.


HealthySole® PLUS is the first independently validated shoe sanitizer designed to prevent pathogen contamination and transmission, making sure that organisms of interest that are deposited on floors do not proliferate to work spaces, high touch surfaces and other regularly touched equipment.


Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and long-term care facilities constantly improve IPC protocols, with the goal of minimizing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections as well as exposure to healthcare providers. These facilities are sensitive to all methods of infection prevention that can  minimize the unintentional proliferation of organisms of interest  spread from room to room. Improved handwashing and good PPE practice are the best baseline , but studies dating back several years suggest that our current practices are not enough.  Shoes and floors have been unaddressed, allowing for this unrecognized  vector of  pathogen transmission. New tools and practices, when previously unavailable, have allowed for new methods of curbing the spread of pathogens that have cultured on the floor to other areas of a facility as well as being aerosolized to frequently touched surfaces.


The HealthySole® PLUS UV shoe sanitizer has been tested and clinically proven to kill up to 99.99% of infections, contaminations, and pathogens in only 8 seconds. 

How It Works

In 8 seconds, the HealthySole® PLUS shoe sanitizer uses germicidal UV light to eliminate shoe-borne pathogens, decrease ambient contamination, and reduce the risk of contamination-causing bacteria into the workplace.

  • Kill up to 99.99% of pathogens found on the soles of shoes. 

  • Uses peak germicidal UV light to bathe the bottom of shoe soles. 

  • Uses zero chemicals and releases zero ozone. 

  • Provides users with peace of mind knowing that they will not unintentionally spread infectious contamination to various environments. 

The HealthySole® PLUS shoe sanitizer destroys microorganisms on shoes that create pathogens. The process is completed on shoes using a germicidal UV light to kill and prevent the pathogens from growing. Historically, the light has been used as a germicide for decades in hospitals and water treatment systems. UV light is completely filtered by the atmosphere.

An Industry Standard

The HealthySole® PLUS shoe sanitizer is great for more than just medical care facilities. Hospital facilities use the HealthySole® PLUS in many areas of their facilities, including compounding pharmacy antechambers. Compounding labs are an essential and extremely sensitive part of many treatment plans for extremely compromised patients, so the protocols are very rigid.

Below are other industries that successfully utilize the HealthySole® PLUS. 

No Chemicals Necessary

Once you add a powder or spray onto a shoe, there is no way to get it out. If you think allowing chemicals to dry out makes an effective option, keep in mind that the sweat from your feet can reconstitute chemicals even outside the shoe, which may create a chemical bath for your feet. 

Chemicals are toxic. 


Many common disinfectants do not recommend use for clothing or direct contact with skin. Others state that they are not safe when applied to the human body. There is little data for any chemical to be used as shoe treatment.


The HealthySole® PLUS adds nothing to the shoe. The HealthySole® PLUS uses UVC light in a controlled dose, so you can properly sanitize your shoes after every treatment. The HealthySole® PLUS UV shoe sanitizer automatically runs a complete treatment, and then you’re ready to go. There are no further steps; no unnecessary drying time. With HealthySole® PLUS, you’ll never worry about leaving any pathogens behind. Additionally, the HealthySole® PLUS can be used daily or even multiple times throughout the day.


How is the HealthySole® PLUS Used?

When using the HealthySole® PLUS, align your feet on top of the shoe rests. Then, stand still for an 8-second countdown, and step onto the protected environment. After 8 seconds, up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms are destroyed or deactivated on the soles of your shoes. 

The HealthySole® PLUS UVC lamps with patented plastic Encapsulation Technology™, make each device self-cleaning and shatter-resistant. HealthySole® PLUS is effective against bacteria, spores and fungi that can travel on the soles of shoes. These pathogens of interest can lead to the spread of infection via inhalation or translation from the surface and air contamination.


Adding HealthySole® PLUS to a facilities IPC protocol can lead to a decrease of overall microbial load. HealthySole® decreases the transfer of deadly pathogens that are associated with healthcare-associated infection rates. HealthySole® PLUS reduces infectious microorganisms with virtually zero interruption to your workflow. 

Is the HealthySole® PLUS safe?


HealthySole Plus has a number of safety protocols in place to ensure a full cycle of UVC exposure each time.  If the HealthySole® PLUS is treating a sole and the shoe is removed, The system will close the shutters, preventing light leakage while simultaneously informing the user that the cycle was not complete. 

The Proof is in the Science

Clinical literature agrees that shoe soles carry one of the most dense concentrations of dangerous pathogens in the healthcare environment. Multiple published studies in IPC literature demonstrate that the soles of shoes are a vector for rapid migration and spread into and out of all sensitive locations within hospitals and other healthcare locations. These pathogens transfer to floors, where they then rapidly transmit into the air, elevated touch surfaces, and even patient skin. 

Who Should Use the HealthySole® Plus?

Those who should use the HealthySole® PLUS include nurses, healthcare practitioners, those who are immune-compromised, and those who wish to be proactive about the health of their feet. For example, those diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetics need to be proactive about their foot health. People with diabetes are over 150 times more likely to require amputation in the event of a foot infection.

Why is HealthySole® Plus better at fighting pathogens than other methods?

The HealthySole® PLUS is convenient, as it is simple to use and takes only seconds to sanitize. Its technology is activated with a simple push of a button. 

Unlike chemical sprays and powders, germicidal UVC light is safe and proven to kill bacteria and microorganisms. The HealthySole® PLUS harnesses this germicidal light to kill 99.99% of transmitted shoe pathogens and bacteria on the soles of your shoes. 

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