HealthySole® PLUS

Prevent the transmission of HAIs.


HealthySole® PLUS kills over 99% Coronavirus on soles of footwear.


Stop the spread of infectious pathogens.

HAI causing pathogens regularly spread throughout a healthcare facility. HealthySole® PLUS is a key tool in helping cut the lines of transmission making sure to keep patients safe.


First clinically-tested UVC product of its kind.

HealthySole® PLUS is the first product of its kind to be tested by third parties. See how HealthySole reduces pathogenic transfer and keeps both patients and healthcare providers safe.


Sanitize your shoes in just 8 quick seconds.

Our patented design makes sanitation quick and easy. Just step on to the device, align your feet, and wait 8 seconds. Move on knowing you’ve contributed to a healthy workplace.

The first third party clinically tested method to address shoes.

Ultraviolet light is a well-known and proven disinfectant. Hospitals use ultraviolet light to disinfect rooms where infectious patients have been treated. This UVC disinfecting action works most effectively when the light source is strong and it is close to the item or surface being disinfected. Plus, the longer the UVC exposure, the more pathogens that die.


Clostridium difficile (C Diff)


Escherichia coli (E coli)


Enterococcus faecalis


Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)


Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep A)

HealthySole® PLUS is the robust solution your environment requires.

The HealthySole® PLUS is a critical upgrade from our HOME model for high traffic environments. Although based on the same technology, the PLUS is designed to eliminate the short time necessary for UVC bulbs to reset, so that it is 100% effective every time it’s used. Paired with increased power output, HealthySole® PLUS is designed to handle it all.

How to use HealthySole® PLUS

Step up


Align your feet


Wait 8 seconds


Enter clean space

Using HealthySole to Slow Spread of Coronavirus

June 25, 2020

Western Pennsylvania HealthCare News mentions how HealthySole Plus can assist in slowing the spread of Coronavirus in health care facilities.

HealthySole in USAToday’s Supplement on Nursing

June 24, 2020

HealthySole President and CEO Nelson Patterson is interviewed in this article published in USAToday's supplement on the nursing profession. HealthySole Plus reduces the transmission of pathogens in any healthcare setting.

HealthySole Technology Being Used for Safety in Gyms!

June 24, 2020

HealthySole has been adopted by some health clubs as a way to better protect their customers. See here how Crosstown Fitness is taking the extra step to keep healthy.

“The Healthy Sole has eliminated our use of the “sticky mats” outside of the anteroom entrance thereby giving a more positive first impression to inspectors. In this new era focusing on pharmacy IV compounding, your products are at the “cutting edge.””

–  Alexander F Melchert, MS, RPh

    Director of Pharmacy New York-Presbyterian / Queens