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“It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not tracking organisms throughout the hospital, in the nurse’s station, in my patient rooms.”

- Regina Lowry, Director of Nursing at Intensive Specialty Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana

Reduce Environmental Bioburden

Protect Patients and Personnel

Peace of Mind

Evidence suggests that 70% of healthcare-associated infections are preventable. Many pathogens can be aerosolized from floors contributing to contamination of high touch surfaces. By reducing environmental bio burden, HealthySole PLUS reduces risk of cross-contamination and transmission.

Patients, today, are keenly aware of the risk of HAIs. HealthySole PLUS is a visible reminder of the institution's commitment to protecting both patients and personnel from preventable infection.

A recent survey of frontline healthcare personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic, indicated widespread fear of being a carrier and transmitting disease. HealthySole PLUS provides an additional, highly effective layer of protection for personnel, their patients and their contacts outside of the institution.

Proven UVC Technology. Up to 99.99% Effective. Just eight seconds.


Prevent the spread of organisms of concern.

HealthySole PLUS removes up to 99.99% of harmful organisms from the soles of shoes. Hospitals, first responders, and long term care/senior living across the nation have improved the health of their community using HealthySole PLUS.

Let's Protect Your Organization

You're in Good Company


Manufacturing, first-responder, and hospitality industries all use HealthySole UVC technology.

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