Using HealthySole to Slow Spread of Coronavirus

Western Pennsylvania HealthCare News mentions how HealthySole Plus can assist in slowing the spread of Coronavirus in health care facilities.

HealthySole in USAToday’s Supplement on Nursing

HealthySole President and CEO Nelson Patterson is interviewed in this article published in USAToday's supplement on the nursing profession. HealthySole Plus reduces the transmission of pathogens in any healthcare setting.

HealthySole Technology Being Used for Safety in Gyms!

HealthySole has been adopted by some health clubs as a way to better protect their customers. See here how Crosstown Fitness is taking the extra step to keep healthy.

Intensive Specialty Hospital Adds Two HealthySole Plus Units

HealthySole is proud to support the work of the Intensive Specialty Hospital. HealthySole Plus units can reduce pathogen transmissions in any healthcare environment.

HealthySole Nominated as One of the Best Infection Prevention Products in Newsweek

HealthySole is happy to announce that HealthySole PLUS has been nominated by Newsweek as one of the best Infection Prevention Products in 2020!

McKnight’s Long Term Care News Covers HealthySole Plus

McKnight Long Term Care News has covered the release and continued validation of the HealthySole Plus system for Long Term Care facilities and hospitals.

OR TODAY’s Coverage of HealthySole’s Novel Human Coronavirus Kill Rates

OR Today has covered the recently released kill rates of Novel Human Coronavirus done by CREM Co Labs in Canada.

HealthySole Being Adopted in Long Term Care Facility in the Fight Against COVID

HealthySole Plus has been adopted in a Colorado state Long Term Care Facility in the attempt to halt the spread of COVID 19 in one of the most at risk populations.

HealthySole Adopted by LAPD

HealthySole has been adopted by the LAPD to help keep officers, both on and off the street, keep safe!

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