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“It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not tracking organisms throughout the hospital, in the nurse’s station, in my patient rooms.”

- Regina Lowry, Director of Nursing at Intensive Specialty Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana

Reduce Environmental Bioburden

Protect Patients and Personnel

Peace of Mind

The CDC suggests that 70% of infections in hospitals are preventable. HealthySole neutralizes threats that would otherwise go untended, creating healthier environments and preventing cross contamination.

Providers lose an estimated 50 million dollars a year to compensation related to hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Using HealthySole reduces the potential for HAIs, saving money.

Sick employees need to stay home for their own well-being, as well as the safety of their work environment. HealthySole makes employees less likely to get sick at work, increasing morale and maximizing your labor budget.

Proven UVC Technology. Up to 99.9% Effective. Just eight seconds.


Prevent the spread of organisms of concern.

HealthySole PLUS removes 99.8% of harmful organisms from the soles of your shoes. Hospitals, first responders, and retirement facilities across the nation have improved the health of their community using HealthySole PLUS.

Let's Protect Your Organization


Nick DeOrio

Executive V.P. of Sales & Distribution


For over 20 years, I've helped healthcare providers acquire and implement novel, clinically-driven technologies designed to control and prevent infection. The HealthySole PLUS is one of the most innovative technologies I've worked with. It targets and addresses an overlooked culprit of pathogen spread: footwear. Let's work together to protect your organization.

You're in Good Company


Manufacturing, first-responder, and hospitality industries all use HealthySole UVC technology.

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